Coyote and I are working on the next book, well one of us is working… Here is a sample of Going Along… Conversations with Coyote.


Coyote in Winter

It was the winter of 1983 up in Sherman Township. We celebrated any day the temperature staggered over zero, twenty degrees was balmy. Bourbon in your coffee was a sensible precaution, and the Muscovy duck spent her time sitting in the sun on the threshold of the front door. Her deposits made for a swift slide to an uncertain landing. On such cold nights, you might think my friend Coyote would have been a welcome companion, curled around my feet as we sit before the fire. You would be wrong. He sent me one postcard… from Bermuda. I burned it in the wood stove.


Another book is also in the works, Scatter the Light, here is one of those poems.



Simple Life
The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now


This is the autumn
of my life,
days sweet and ripe
held in amber light,
for I forbid the winter
yet awhile,
and dream of planting
an apple orchard
with you.
Plait the seasons
of the land
and the heart,
semi-dwarf trees
will fruit in five years,
dwarf in less,
a simple life
yet sacred,
what are we
waiting for?