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From the landscapes of the Great Lakes and the Allegheny mountains, to Ireland and it’s traditional music, these poems cover a lifetime of writing, and ask some thorny, yet imperative, questions.

A poem by Ruby Hoy is authentic stuff. Like the lakes she grew up around, the calm on the surface is actually a sum total of the teeming life and activity in its depths, and provides ample reflection for anyone who comes upon it, under sun or moon. – Jeff Schwaner, poet, editor, and more, whose latest book is The Drift.


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Luminous collects forty-five poems that shine with wisdom and grace.  Poems of passion, hope, wonder… and fishing.

This is a fine, fine book of poems. They are direct but elegant, spare yet large, and often quiet but impossible not to hear…These are poems that ache into bloom. Read ’em. – Marc Sheehan, poet, fiction writer, editor, author of Vengeful Hymns