Random Poems

A Better Life

Thank you for the tilted up tail
of the wren in the morning,
for mist on the mountains,
and the radiance of cardinals
on a winter’s day.


Thank you for bats that swoop
and flutter on summer evenings,
for the sound of a distant train
and the monthly transit
of the moon from my window.


Thank you for the grace to love,
the courage to trust,
and hope when the spirit falters,
thank you for this life
better than I imagined.



North Wind

A rare north wind blows
from the heart  of the boreal forest
down through the Alleghenies.
It brings a bouquet of tamarack,
fir, and pine over Lake Ontario,
carrying the dreams of beavers
snug in their winter home,
and the moon prayer song of a coyote
alone on a craggy shore.